SPAIN – Communication involves the five senses

SPAIN – Communication involves the five senses

At the event organised by the Spanish agency La Agencia Sensorial for a famous make-up brand, everything was revolving around the five senses: fruit juices and aromatic flowers were offered, all with combinations inspired by the products of the company.

Later, a ‘Five senses performance‘ took place: music, dance and lightning were perfectly synchronized with the different rooms and the changes of scents.
Nothing was missing: you had ambient music, a cellist and even a dancer in a transparent ball. The ceiling was covered by 8.000 white globes.

The catering was set to express a relaxing and ‘creamy’ feeling and comprised tuna, soy, muesli and fruit.

The sense of touch was stimulated by a series of big fans controlled by an aromajockey, spreading different scents in relation to the food served.