SPAIN – Barcelona 2013: audiovisual production in sporting events

SPAIN – Barcelona 2013: audiovisual production in sporting events

In the case of water sports, where visibility of athletes is limited to be within the pool, the event production does not neglect other spectacular moments of the competition, as the awards ceremony, the entrance of the swimmers or even training.

The audiovisual services company SONO handled the installation of a 42 LED screen towered tiles which moved around as swimmers made their entrance at the start of the competitions. Another 25m2 screen was also placed on the floor of the starting area, where the championship logos and messages of the organization were projected. The awards ceremony was framed with another huge LED screen with 140 tiles, showing in the background the Barcelona coastal outline mixed with water effects.

To further involve the city during the competition days, SONO installed in Port Vell a truck with a 30m2 LED screen, allowing passersby to follow the competitions from that point of the city and also those who passed by Plaza Catalunya. A solution that got the inhabitants of Barcelona right ‘into’ the pool.