SPAIN – Axe celebrates European Music Day with a silent concert

SPAIN – Axe celebrates European Music Day with a silent concert

The brand, true to its line of bold and innovative communication and following the claim of his latest television campaign, #aléjatedelruido (#keepoutfromnoise), gets into the territory of music for the European Day of Music. There was free live music by Spanish rock band Izal, but concert-goers would only listen to the performance through headphones.

axeThis original silent concert was held last week in Madrid´s Plaza de la Luna. The public passing through the area only had to approach some of the points that Axe had nearby to pick up their wireless headphones and enjoy the concert.

Izal played their hits in a translucent and soundproofed box that kept out the sound of the square, from where it was only possible to follow the tracks through the audio signal to the headphones. Without headphones you could only hear the songs chanted by the audience.

The original point of this action was to see how the crowd in the square was paying attention to the stage, dancing and solo singing of the band. There was also interaction between audience and band despite having glass in between, as it was described by Izal: “the bond that was created between us and the audience is very hard to describe.”