SPAIN – Art muses inspired Loewe to present her perfume ´Aura´

SPAIN – Art muses inspired Loewe to present her perfume ´Aura´

The concept of aura and that ´something´ that release the inspiring muses was the theme of the event presentation of Loewe perfume ´Aura´ conducted by the agency We Feel Brand.

The launch event took place over several days adjusting the format as attendees were press, domestic customers and international distributors. Different audiences but the same goal: to publicize the launch campaign for ´Aura´ through that aura you can’t see, developing the idea of woman as muse.


For distributors, 120 people, representatives of the brand over 50 countries (Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Europe), the event began with a private visit to the Prado Museum. A private journey in which the major works of the gallery whose protagonists were muses were explained. The visit ended with a cocktail dinner in the Hall of the Muses. A visit in which the guide also gave dropping messages related to the concept of aura but still not unveiling the campaign or the product. That would be the final event for the day.
El Matadero was the place chosen to hold the official presentation of the perfume with a gala dinner. The space was closed with screens simulating a bucket where the guests entered. The screens were projecting images describing feelings, emulating the scent of the perfume, ingredients, landscapes and elements that moved the guests to other environments.

During dinner, the mentalist Anthony Blake revealed the product to the public making them drawing the bottle and even guessing the name of the fragrance. The presentation ended with a performance of Tony Zenet, the author of the soundtrack for the spot.