SPAIN – Andalucía, land of beauty

SPAIN – Andalucía, land of beauty

Recent years have seen Andalusia become one of the world’s most complete tourist destinations. The variety and complementary nature of its tourist facilities and services, along with its climate, communications and hotel infrastructure, not to mention the hospitality of its people, have made Andalusia a favourite holiday destination for both Spanish and foreign visitors alike.

andalusia2Sun and sand tourism is still the leading tourist sector in the region. Andalusia’s 800-plus kilometres of coastline are home to a surprisingly varied range of beaches, from the expanses of fine sand in Cádiz and Huelva to the cliff-shrouded coves of Granada, Costa del Sol or Almeria. A wealth of services have sprung up alongside them: pleasure harbours, golf courses, promenades, outdoor sports facilities, mooring areas for vessels and restaurants, all of which have helped to make Andalusia the ideal destination for both sun and sand tourism and water sports.

To these we must add other features which complement the services on offer in this sector, such as outdoor activities and cultural routes. At the forefront of the cultural routes is “The Andalusi Legacy”, a trip through history that takes in our rich cultural patrimony, our countryside and a cultural heritage indebted to the Hispano-Muslim way of life, not to mention the traditions, craftsmanship and cuisine of the towns and villages that make up the seven Legacy routes, of which four, the Caliphate Route, the Washington Irving Route, the Nazari Route, and Almorávides and Almohades route are fully operational.

andaluciaAndalusia is not only famous as a holiday destination. Recent years have seen the spectacular growth of congress tourism. Andalusia currently boasts an extensive network of Congress and Exhibition Centres with a total capacity of 53,000. Conceived as a meeting point for culture, business and leisure, their layout, infrastructure and services meet the most demanding requirements, offering halls of varying sizes equipped with all the latest technology (simultaneous translation, sound recording, audiovisual projection etc.).