SPAIN – Accor takes meeting planners on the other side of the mirror

SPAIN – Accor takes meeting planners on the other side of the mirror

It is a tradition at ibtm world: Accor Hotels always manages to organize one of the most memorable parties of the show, on Tuesday night, for Hosted Buyers. This time the theme proposed by the agency LaLeySeca was: “We are all mad here!”.

accorhotelsWanting to make something different from last year’s event, in which guests were immersed in a very realistic tropical forest, LaLeySeca, the agency which has been in charge of the organization of the party for the past few years, proposed to take inspiration from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.

The invitation had the shape of an ace of hearts card. Upon entering, guests had to take the elixir to decrease in size and be able to pass through a lock to the world of the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen. They could also put on accessories, such as hats for ladies and big ties for men, before entering this magical world.

Once inside the room (the largest meeting room in the hotel), everything went crazy. A long tea table was prepared with tons of sweets, the queen’s room was the dance floor and there was a large chessboard with giant chess pieces on the sides of the room. Every detail reminded of Alice’s world: playing cards flew across the ceiling and the DJ table had the shape of a large cup of tea.

Gastronomy, always a strong component of this party, was also themed according to the aesthetics of the movie. In the second part of the night, a spectacular music band, Diamond Sound System, took everybody to dance.

Besides being a public relations action with hosted buyers, the event fulfilled another mission: prove that in an Accor Hotel you can organize a highly creative event.