Promo Leader Service and Firenze Convention Bureau win the Special Award Innovation in tradition

With this Special Award, the European Bea 2007 wished to recognize the courage of those who were able to transform a traditional convention into an event, involving a high-level body of consumers and focusing on the emotional, spectacular, and experiential characters typical of the medium event. The Golden Star goes to Pls Group (Promo Leader Service Conventions), who interpreted the 15th Eap Convention (European Association for Psychotherapy) and the 3rd Fiap Convention (Italian Federation of the Associations of Psychotherapy), with the title ‘Humour and other strategies to survive emotional crisis’ in appointment for all.
In addition to the international scientific convention for 1,200 people, Pls organized parallel events throughout the territory, that involved approximately 30,000 people, between May and June 2007.

The theme of humour and its applications became a powerful channel for communication and information. The Convention had two main moments. May 27th was the day of the distribution of purple noses at the Artemio Franchi stadium of Florence, in order to celebrate the last Championship game of the Fiorentina squad, with the objective of making public opinion and media aware and supportive of the fundraising for the Foundation of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital. Instead, the second moment witnessed the participation of Patch Adams, the founder of clown therapy, in the Convention’s scientific works.
In support of ‘Humour Week’, a campaign with mass media and through the website was planned.
The results confirm the formula’s validity: 1,200 delegates (four times more than in previous years); 350 presences at dinners and social events; 32,300 purple noses distributed. The choice of the EuBEA would like, in a certain sense, to open the road to other innovative projects such as this, which conciliated the institutional moments with the typical creativity of events.