PORTUGAL – ExpoEvento 2012, Gala dos Eventos ending with ‘Gold Key’

GalaDosEventos4.jpgExpoEventos ended with ‘Gold Key‘, with the production of ‘Gala dos Eventos 2012‘. The night started with a delight ‘Fontana Design Cocktail’ in a lovely inside garden. Luis Diogo Cavaco from Publihappening was the host, with all his usual pleasure and energy.

It was a night of Awards – the ‘Stars’, recognizing the conception, the production, the services, the places of the
Events and Congresses realized in Portugal during 2011.
In addition, were contemplated with the trophy ‘Star’ of Gala dos Eventos, Pátio da Galé / Turismo de
with the Revelation Award; João Sacchetti, a great professional of communication and Events, with
the Personality of Events Award; and in one of the high moments of the night, the Grand Award of Gala
dos Eventos was to ‘Fado‘, declared by UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2011. Rui
Vieira Nery
, President of the Commission received the award. An artistic performance with ‘Fado’, classical instruments and new sounds, was much appreciated.

2012 was the year with more participants at Gala dos Eventos. A signal that everyone ‘wants to work’, even in
the present difficult circumstances.

Fontana Park Design Hotel was a great partner, represented by the Director Gonçalo Coelho de Sousa. Gala dos Eventos, with the partnership with Eubea Awards, started a connection with the Brazil ‘Caio Event Awards‘, with the participation of Sérgio Junqueira Arantes, from the Magazine and Portal ‘Eventos’, during ‘ExpoEventos 2012’.