POLAND – New discovery of the meetings industry

POLAND – New discovery of the meetings industry

As part of promotional activities implemented on the European and Asian markets four new ads were created, which will be used both in the press and internet campaigns, as well as other marketing and PR activities. The ads of the PCB of the Polish Tourist Organisation promoting individual cities and products of the meetings industry were made as one of the important elements of the campaign run by the Polish Tourist Organisation.


This year in June, the campaign promoting the Polish meetings industry under the project “Let’s Promote Poland Together” has been extended to new countries: Ireland, Italy and Spain. The project is implemented from the EU funds and it will last until the end of 2014. At the same time, the campaign will be held on the Asian markets: China, India and Japan. All activities implemented under the campaign are themed: Poland – Come and find your story.

At present, they are continuing activities making use of the most efficient tools that have worked on respective markets and proved great in fulfilling their role among the target groups of meetings’ and events’ organisers. The multimedia image and product campaign implemented by the PCB of the Polish Tourist Organisation refers to the idea of recommendation which, as follows from research, is still the basic source of information.

“In our campaign we have used fairytale themes that provide a reference to the archetypes and symbols and play an important part in shaping the image of ourselves and our life. Recalling associations with the world of fairytales and dreams encourages to travel to Poland – a country where everything is possible as all that have made, and still makes, it is unique and inspiring. Each region tells a different story or legend and offers a different option” – said Rafal Szmytke, President of the Polish Tourist Organisation.