We are ready to welcome you in Saint Petersburg

We are ready to welcome you in Saint Petersburg

An interview to Nadia Makova, the general producer of EuBea Festival 2016 and founder of Live Comm Group

Kirill Zaytsev-2361Why did you decide to host EuBea 2016?

For over 10 years, I’ve been in the event or, to say it better, in the ‘live’ communication industry. Starting from the client’s side, where I have been responsible for all internal communications of rather big region in large-scale international company, I moved to head of the key professional magazine for #eventprofs in Russia. I launched several education and business events and eventually founded my own media group, which contains several media resources – printed, online and offline projects – for livecom professionals. Being the owner of the professional pan-European magazine, I’ve been travelling a lot, visiting different events, meeting the event community, getting to know the industry more and more and having enough expertise to compare the industry in Russia and Europe.

All I’ve been doing is dedicated to one clear aim: the development of the industry, the industry I work for and I really admire. I really believe in the power of live communication and in the importance of the event as a marketing tool. But yet I believe that this industry should be treated like a solemn business, thus requiring rules, regulations, principles.

This industry in Russia is very young in comparison to Europe or USA, it’s a baby and it requires intense push for rapid development into something serious and ‘adult’.

So I considered EuBea as that some kind of fuel to speed up the mechanism. Moreover, having a really successful experience of establishing and organizing rather large-scale business meetings for #eventprofs, I felt ready to welcome an international event of that kind on the high possible level. My additional, personal aim is to show my beautiful home-city to all my friends and colleagues from the European event community. Actually, not only the city, but also some of the brightest stars of our industry and really high-level companies working here that can become a real benchmark in the international world.

Could you tell us the plus of St. Petersburg as an ideal destination for events?

It’s a complicated, yet very easy question. St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The whole city can be considered as an event venue with all its magnificent architecture and views and spaces. Yet it’s a very modern and progressive European city with highly-developed infrastructure, transportation and a travel & accomodation facilities network.

It’s able to host event of any kind and scale on the highest possible level. The city has 200 museums and 80 theatres, the cultural life here is really impressive, elements that can become a great plus for any event planned here.

What do you expect from this event in terms of growth of the event culture in your country?

As I mentioned before, I really expect it would bring the expertise, wisdom, result-focused way of thinking which exists in Europe. It will show my colleagues that the market of events is a solemn business sphere. But also, I’m sure that it will increase the number of international and European guests, as they would gain inspiration of our vividness and energy. So it’s definitely a win-win exchange, which I sincerely hope will lead to build strong business and personal connections between European and Russian industry experts.

What were the biggest challenges in organizing the event?

The biggest challenge was to attract all partners and sponsors. As we’re covering completely all the costs of the project, including the T&A for speakers, jurors, etc., we had to work hard to find companies who would provide high-quality services as sponsors. But there is nothing impossible, so we managed to do it.

What do you hope the participants will bring home from this experience?

They will bring home unforgettable memories, inspiration, energy and readiness to move the industry forward. It will be absolutely a once in a lifetime experience for each and every delegate, every jury member, every speaker. That’s what I promise!

About Nadia Makova

Graduated from the St. Petersburg State University, Nadia Makova has a great experience in corporate communication and employer branding for both multinational and large-scale Russian companies, with five years experience in Unilever Rub.

She is the managing partner of the National Association of Event Specialists, the owner and editor -in-chief of the interactive online event-portal, the founder and editor-in-chief of Live Communication Magazine, a pan-European professional imagazine for the live communication industry. Furthermore, she is the founder of the project Global Event Forum (GEF) – a business conference for event industry specialists – and the co-author of the book on corporate communication ‘Winning the hearts’ (2014).

She is member of the Eubea Advisory Board.