MONACO – From the congress to the casino

MONACO – From the congress to the casino

AMWC was held from 31st March to 2nd April at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco. The congress, with more than 10,000 participants from 120 countries, is a meeting of doctors and laboratories where technologies, techniques and the latest equipment are presented. A conference of professionals in aesthetic medicine that generates many other parallel events.

casinoBarcelonize was responsible for organizing a social event for a group of 60 surgeons that had attended the congress from different countries- Japan, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia. The request that came to the agency was a themed dinner according to the destination and the most popular themes in Monaco are: circus, F1 and casino… Barcelonize, chose the latter. The place chosen was one of the most glamorous venues, The Casino Café de Paris in Monaco.

There, dinner was cooked by the chefs of “col bleu-blanc-rouge” (the best French chefs winners of MOF competition). During the dinner a DJ and a violinist played so they created an atmosphere of fusion between classical and modern music.

In order to create a relaxed space where participants could have fun and avoid a formal dinner format, the agency took advantage of the casino and created a space with gaming tables, typical of a casino, where attendees could ´bet´ with chips without actual value. The evening ended with an auction of lots of perfumes and typical products of the region that attendees could ´buy´ using the winning chips.