Many events, a single Festival: this is EuBea!

Many events, a single Festival: this is EuBea!

A prize for best European creativity, unexpected content, opportunities to meet new clients and establish new relations, delectable business lunches and dinners. This is the EuBea Festival, but not only: it’s a container filled with unmissable events that will make your Andalusian experience one to remember.

Do you think this is just an award where we celebrate the best creativity and innovation applied to events? Yes, but it is much more.

Do you think this the place where it is possible to tap into new and unexpected content thanks to the participation of important speakers? Yes, but it’s not all. Do you think it is the benchmark for the industry in Europe, where agencies and qualified partners can meet top international managers from the biggest investing companies? Of course, but there’s even more, and it’s something that has never been seen in the events industry in Europe.

sagoneLet’s see why you cannot miss the appointment on 23rd and 24th October, and what is included with the Delegate Pass.

 Thursday 23rd: Discover your ‘e Factor’.

The curtain rises on Thursday morning, with the presentation of ‘live’ events selected from the short list. In ‘X Factor’ style, finalist agencies will prove to possess the ‘e’ factor, the Event Factor. In ten minutes they will have to convince the highly qualified international jury that they are worthy of the award.

Why is it useful to attend the presentations? Because you will be able to personally ascertain the best creative and productive solutions that otherwise you would have not seen. You can also compare your presentation skills with those of your competitors, not only Italian but also international. Today we move in a global competitive arena, and decisions are centralized in the headquarters from where, not surprisingly, we have drawn the members of our international jury. In this way, after voting sessions, you can meet and forge new relationships with them. Finally, as a delegate you will be able to award the prize to the event that you think deserves the Delegate Award.

The luncheon, sponsored by the Convention Bureau in Seville, is prepared by the renowned chefs at Barceló, and is offered to all delegates.

An unprecedented ‘event’ dinner.

It is quite difficult to describe in words what will happen on Thursday evening. Imagine one of the most beautiful and ancient haciendas located near Seville, in this case the illustrious San Miguel de Montelirio, and think of the light and the sun of Andalusia, the equestrian tradition that makes it famous all over the world, its cuisine and its variety dating from centuries of history and multicultural influences. And think of Flamenco, the charm of a music that is among the most seductive and irresistible ever created.

These items will make your dinner a journey into the heart of Andalusian culture. A dinner that will turn into an event full of surprises and, therefore, unforgettable.

An experience that you will be able to share, and that will bring you together forever with your new colleagues and clients, attending from all corners of Europe. Dinner will be open to all participants at the Eubea Festival.

Friday 24th: Highly enlightening content.

The previous day’s work will resume at the Barceló with a day dedicated to content submitted by extraordinary speakers, some detached from the specific sector of events, but tremendously interesting nonetheless.

We are talking about A-list personalities from the world of cinema, theatre and art in general; and we speak of the most successful innovators of technology applied to visual and digital communication.

In a very interactive and relational way, there will be two halls dedicated to participatory learning, which will be made more enjoyable by the lunch offered to the delegates by ADC Group.


A cosmic Gala…welcome to the elephant constellation!

It will be the ‘highlight’, the zenith of two days that will bring you content, emotions and relationships. The journey that leads from your city of origin to Seville’s Barceló, projects itself into another dimension, which can confidently define as ‘cosmic’.

As a matter of fact, you will be welcomed to the Elephant constellation, a metaphor for strength, wisdom and longevity, as each event worthy of such name must be: because it must act with power in the minds of those who participate, communicate the ​​most appropriate values and, hopefully, live in the memory as long as possible. For this reason, the elephant is the symbol of EuBea.

If we add the fact that it is notoriously one of the most famous lucky charms, winning the silver statuette becomes the ambition of every professional from the events industry.

The awards will therefore be interspersed with unexpected performances that, once again, will make you experience the values ​​and emotions that the Andalusian culture is capable of expressing. Anticipating the final gala dinner, that will add intense, yet delicate, flavours to the party to celebrate all winners and all participants alike.

Saturday 25th: the Seville experience continues.

It’s time to discover Seville and its surroundings. On Saturday, you will be leaving behind two intense days, lived inside the cosy and efficient location of the Festival. Before returning to your hometown, you will have the opportunity to join one of the four guided tours proposed by the Convention Bureau in Seville, as shown on the Festival’s website.

As you can see, they will be unprecedented experiences in form and substance, specifically designed and organised for all those that decide to participate to the events that will animate the EuBea Festival.

You will have also appreciated the quantity and quality of services that we offer. We also hope to have conveyed ​​at least a little of the enthusiasm and passion that we are dedicating to the creation of an event, which we hope you will continue to speak about in the coming years.

It’s up to you now. You just have to purchase your Delegate Pass and experience them all.

See you in Seville!

“Stars make us imagine new adventures and new discoveries. They show us the way, protect us and make us brave. Event stars shine in the Elephant constellation, the same stars that have been able to turn dreams into reality”.