K-events wins the European Best Event Agency Award

best event agency.JPG

The events organised by K-events won: the European Best Event Award (Welcome 500), the 1st place in the typology Congress/Convention/Fair (La luce per la luce), the 2nd place in the BtoB Event typology (Cerimonia di varo MSC Orchestra) and Event for no profit organisation (Art Tempo); the 3rd place in Roadshow/itinerant event typology(Cento anni di tango).
In the technical excellence category the events won: 1st place Best Direction (Cerimonia di varo MSC Orchestra), 2nd place Best Direction (La luce per la luce) and Best Staging/Set Design (Cerimonia di varo MSC Orchestra), 3rd place Best Setting and Best Direction (Art Tempo), Best Audio/video production (Celebrazione del decennale) and Best Technological Innovation (La luce per la luce).