ITALY- ‘Taste Code’: Nespresso’s multisensory space for the Fuori Salone 2012

Nespresso, the brand which offers the perfect coffee experience for a satisfying break at any time of the day, is returning to the Fuori Salone 2012 with the Taste Code event, inspired by the creativity of Piero Lissoni.
At the heart of the Zona Tortona, inside a former industrial space which still holds all the charm of a place of production and activity, Piero Lissoni has designed for Nespresso a container which houses a range of multisensory experiences on two levels, set to seduce guests with the aroma and the emotions of a Nespresso coffee in a welcoming and highly stimulating environment.

At the heart of the project, the Nespresso capsule: a cell design replicated thousands of times over to create a delicate pattern which envelopes the surface of the generous empty entrance space like a kind of skin. A living cloak, a source of sound and light capable of creating colour, music and moving images. This is the Nespresso world; these are its visual codes and iconic forms, a collection of frames taken from modern places and sounds, from urban spaces and from our lives. Multiple, overlapping projections appear through the capsules, which like pixels, build a physical space made up of virtual concepts and stimuli, normal, everyday elements created in an ever changing manner, so that every single experience inside the space is truly unique. The musical background of the video installation has been made by Lorbus.

“The Taste Code is a dual-code: both taste and vision” explains architect Piero Lissoni, “it’s about a space impregnated with the aroma of coffee, which also creates images. All of this is built around a simple element, the capsule.”

The Nespresso capsule is an icon of design and taste – the basis for a genuinely perfect coffee when used with a Nespresso machine, a truly technologically innovative jewel. The new range of Maestria coffee machines will also play a key role in this place of emotions, set to make their debut at the Milan International Furniture Fair where they will be used for the tasting of the Nespresso Gran Cru coffees. The Maestria and Gran Maestria are the result of a meeting between the most elegant stylistic design and the most sophisticated engineering, offering precision and versatility, so that coffee lovers can experience the sensations and the pleasure of a coffee which brings all the quality and experience of a true barista to the comfort of their own home.

Once they have passed through the experience gallery, guests will find themselves in the tasting zone on the upper floor: a moment of relaxation, enhanced by the simple furnishings, reflecting the clearness and light of a refectory, but ignited in places by unexpected chromatic brushstrokes. A space where guests can enjoy a Nespresso coffee, where they can live the brand through their senses of smell, taste and sight, which come together once again in pleasure.

The journey ends back on the ground floor, where guests are directed through to the Lounge Area, reserved exclusively for Nespresso Club Members. A space dedicated especially to those who choose Nespresso every day, to those looking, during a week dedicated entirely to design, to experience the carefully crafted atmosphere which characterises every Nespresso space.

Nespresso’s return to the Fuori Salone, following the success of Iconing last year, pays testimony to the company’s passion and commitment to research in design and innovation, which has always been a part of Nespresso’s DNA, expressed in every detail and reinterpreted by one of design’s undisputed stars: Piero Lissoni. An event which is certainly set to surprise and to fascinate.