ITALY – Te new agencies part of Consulta degli Eventi

06“Since the start of the year, Consulta has seen the entry of five new agencies, which further reinforces our representativeness in the field”, commented Alessandra Lanza, President of Consulta degli Eventi. “By contributing with their expertise, the new associates enable to deepen and carry forward the dialogue with our common interlocutors in order to reach the drafting of a manifest of intent shared by agencies and companies.”

Roberto Silva Coronel, Director of Marketing Multimedia declared himself “I’m very happy to join Consulta degli Eventi with DigitalEvents. Contributing to the diffusion of issues and services linked to the organization of events in line with Consulta’s mission is certainly, for our clients, a guarantee of quality for the business we offer and develop.”

“Today the concept of event has changed a lot and, as far as we are concerned, is an activity increasingly present in the communication mix we offer to our clients. In a campaign, it is the element that gives life to the concept, the crossroads of experiences, conversations, relationships…”, commented Rina Ronchi, Chief Executive of Caleidos Teenagency. “Precisely because of the increasing weight of this activity within our agency we decided to join Consulta degli  Eventi.”

“I consider Consulta a privileged observatory of the events market and a fundamental tool to help the specific culture of this field, which was until a few years ago absolutely unstructured, grow within companies”, concluded Lorenzo Dossena, Director of the events Division at Inventa CPM.