ITALY – Sinergie joins the European network ’27names’

ITALY – Sinergie joins the European network ’27names’

mascheri.jpgThe 27names network has welcomed a

new member into its ranks: the Italian agency Sinergie.

The European association of live communication and event agencies, founded in 2009 with the goal of offering

clients creativity, strategy and operational excellence at a global level, is expanding.

Becoming a member of the network is perceived by European agencies as a strategic


In addition to Italy, there are agencies from 16 countries currently involved in the

project: Austria – Hallamasch, Belgium – The Oval Office, Denmark – Brandvenue,

Estonia – Event Masters, Finland – Troi, France – Magic Garden, Germany – Concept

X, Ireland – Verve, Latvia – Ideju Instituts, Luxemburg – Mediation, The Netherlands –

Bureau voor Reuring, Norway – Fieldwork, Portugal – UP Partner, Spain – Brandvenue,

Sweden- A loud minority and England – WRG. In the near future other European

countries will be added to the list.

“We are very happy about this opportunity to work with other agencies that share

our vision of the future of our industry” – explains Graziano Mascheri (image), CEO – Products

& Quality Director Sinergie. “Through 27names, we will be able to improve how we

work by tapping into a network of European partners and clients that are leaders in

communication and events.”

The members of 27names met recently to plan the association’s future and discuss

the next developments of the project. Thinking globally and acting locally: this is

the goal of the European network. Each agency in fact deeply understands its own

domestic market and can help support the others there. As of today, Sinergie will be

the representative agency for Italy.