ITALY – Sinergie creates Medtronic Italia’s FY13 Kick-off Meeting

Medtronic Italia
annual convention
was held on 20-24 June and both the organization and logistics were developed by Sinergie. The company, whose mission is to alleviate the impact of chronic diseases,
working with physicians and providing ideas and therapies that help
millions of people around the world have better lives and prospects, has approximately 40,000 employees worldwide and it’s in Italy since 1976, with more
than 500 employees in this country.

On June 20 and 21 the first set of employees to arrive took part in
corporate division meetings and team-building activities organized
at the Village Idea Verde in Olgiate Olona. On June 22 a plenary
session was held for all employees evoking a format of the late
night Italian television talk show. Andrea Cabrini, director of
Class CNBC, moderated the whole event and played host to all
the speakers. In the morning there were talks by distinguished
experts in healthcare and therapeutic treatments. The afternoon
session was devoted to Medtronic executives and concluded
with testimonials from patients whose lives the company had
improved. Over the next two days, June 23 and 24, the divisions
not yet covered attended the meetings and team building activities
organized for them.


Sinergie also organized a gala evening. A drinks party and dinner
were prelude to entertainment featuring a host of special guests.
The first on stage was Cristiano Militello, a Tuscan comic known for
his appearances on the popular satirical TV show Striscia la Notizia,
who did a number of witty skits and conducted a quiz show with
audience participation. Next came Teresa Mannino, continuing in
the comic vein and totally captivating her audience. Mannino is a
stand-up comedienne and TV personality best known for the cabaret
show Zelig. At the end of the evening musical entertainment had
everyone singing and jiving.