ITALY – Scavolini, a year of celebration by Free Event

FREE 07.jpgScavolini celebrates its first 50 years. The firm is now one of the most important Italian industries. The Group, with brands like Scavolini and Ernestomeda, reached in 2010 the turnover of 225 million euros. 660 employees and 237,000 square meters (of which 109,000 are covered) the settlement of industrial Montalabbate, where they produced all Scavolini kitchens, 100% made in Italy. An international point of view, with more than 1,300 stores in Italy and 350 abroad.

The enthusiasm of President Valter Scavolini and family is the same as always. Looking ahead, face the market with seriousness is the simple but effective recipe for its success.

Three are the moments that the firm decided to celebrate with for this important anniversary.

A book published by Skira and edited by Massimo Martignoni. A trip through the history of the brand but also by that of our country.

Alongside the book, a poster by the head domination “Scavolini. Only Italian, Italian pride. For 50 years the most beloved.” From March 28th to 15 days covering over 25% of national positions. 7,000 posters 6×3, 20 maxi positions and special systems in all the major Italian cities (customization of buses, trams and metro). A memorable communication. A real event in the event.

FREE 06.jpg

To conclude, a great party, an evening dedicated to all employees, agents, Italian and foreign dealers, suppliers and local authorities. An event that sparked the night of April 2nd at Scavolini’s headquarters. Location of the evening the new factory of 13,000 square meters, just completed, a fascinating setting of absolute impact, where large letters 3 meters high and moving three-dimensional projections conveyed the brand’s values : a proud Italian-tributed all over the world.

FREE 01.jpg

Impressive numbers: 3500 guests arrived from all over the world in Pesaro, 350 tables, 400 persons of the organizing team, 1000 bottles of champagne, strictly Italian, uncorked.

“It ‘s the first time that the whole world Scavolini is here with us and thanks to you all with which all this was possible. Thank you, “commented President Valter Scavolini to close the evening.

Credits of the party: Free Event took care of the concept and creativity, implementation, coordination and direction. Logistics managed by Convention Bureau Terre Ducale, catering was done by Summertrade and communication was done by Komma.