ITALY – Promoconvention unveils the new Mercedes SLK

06For the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster, PromoconventionGruppo Input – brought the new car’s world to the heart of Mercedes-Benz sales centre in Milan, staging an event inspired by the claim “Close to the sky. Attached to the road.” dedicated to 600 guests: big clients, VIPs and journalists.

Road and sky thus became the set where to present the innovation, sport design and performance of the new cabriolet, the first car in the world with a panoramic vario-roof that, thanks to the “Magic Sky Control” system, changes from light to dark and vice versa at the touch of a button.

06At the entrance guests were welcomed by a 40 meters long winding asphalt strip highlighting the volumes of the cars, covered by white sheets. Images of a Magritte-style sky were projected on these cloth screens and reproposed on a 12×6 meters screen surrounding the Brand Tower. At the sides of the road green zones with benches and plants gave a human touch to the scenography, conveying the idea of journey.

After Mercedes-Benz Milano CEO Radek Jelinek’s speech, a video realized by InputLab showed a sequence of spectacular road subjective shots alternated with images of SLK Roadster esthetical and technological details. At the end, with the fall of cloth screens, the new car model was finally revealed.
During the cocktail party that followed, accompanied by the soft-jazz music of a live band and sponsored by Vodka Orzel produced by Stock Italia, a second reveal took place: that of the new Ducati Diavel, until then hidden by red sheets.

06“The scenographical project realized for the event was conceived not to be an ephemeral element, but an emotional set design made to last and enhance Mercedes-Benz Center spaces” explained Gilles Morange, COO Promoconvention. “The set was designed around the road, made of a realistic material, very similar to asphalt, that brought the cars back to their natural setting.”