ITALY – Promoconvention organizes in Cremona a big show to celebrate R.I.A.R.’s 50th anniversary

A great event was hosted in the historical centre of Cremona to celebrate the 50th
anniversary of Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo, a no-profit association that reunites collectors and fans of the cars produced by the historical automotive company.
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Starting from the afternoon
Piazza Stradivari was the setting of an open-air exhibition of 102
vintage cars
, one for each year of the brand. The event was produced by Promoconvention in collaboration with Output, both part of Input Group.
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Afterwards, Piazza del Comune was the scene of an evening of celebration
dedicated to R.I.A.R.’s members: aperitif under the arcades and a concert
in the Cathedral by Antonio De Lorenzi, that offered an incredible performance with two precious violins,
belonging to the ‘Gli Archi
di Palazzo Comunale’ collection: a 1715 Stradivari and a 1566 Andrea Amati.

The dinner in the square was then followed by a dramatic crescendo
featuring light shows, projections and performances by dancers and flag
bearers, all created by Nikos Lagousakos.
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Five living paintings were created to tell the story of R.I.A.R. and its values. “La nascita”
opened the show, followed by “Passione”. The third ‘painting’, “Armonia & Fascino”, was represented by a duet between a violinist and a dancer who portrayed the history of love and complicity between Alfa Romeo and the Association.
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Finally, to end the show, “Celebrazione”: a dreamlike moment between past, present and future of R.I.A.R., that saw a flying ballerina floating in the air thanks to the help of 300 helium balloons.