ITALY – Juventus inaugurates its new stadium

06Turin – Italy, September 9, 2011. Juventus inaugurated its new stadium, the premier club-owned facility in Italy.”I am proud”, said Juventus President Andrea Agnelli, “that Juventus finally has its own home. For us it is an historic moment. In addition to its sentimental value, the new stadium is actually an investment that allows us to bring Juventus to the level of the top clubs in Europe. In addition, being close to the playing field, the fans can participate and let their team hear all their support.”

Some of the best-known Black and Whites of all time, including Giampiero Boniperti, Dino Zoff, Alessandro Del Piero and Gianluigi Buffon, participated in the show, which, took the Juventus values of tradition, innovation and style, and created from them moments where the fans were also involved.

Marco Balich Juventus .jpgThe top-class ceremony, was designed by Marco Balich, President of K-events/Filmmaster Group and one of the greatest creators of international events. “I am very proud”, said Marco Balich, “of having had the assignment from Juventus to create such an important event in the history of football and to be back in the city of Turin, where I was a commentator at the Olympic ceremonies in 2006. The show was made possible by the collaboration of leading industry professionals worldwide and with the support of 800 volunteers.”

The volunteers were directed by Bryn Walters, one of the leading world experts in mass choreography for large events and ceremonies. Preparation for the show required a total of 150 hours of trials. Particularly thrilling was the final choreography, using over 420 performers dressed in LED costumes and involving the public, descending from the stands and giving life to the great final words on the field: “Welcome Home“.

After the ceremony, Juventus played a friendly match with Notts County, the Nottingham team from which the black and white jerseys of Juventus came in the early twentieth century.

06THE NEW STADIUM – The idea for the new facility originated in 1996 and construction was completed between the summers of 2009 and 2011. It has excellent visibility (the farthest row is just 7.5 meters from the field) and high quality standards in security and services, both for the standard seats and for the Premium Club. The latter, which includes about 4000 seats and offers exclusive high level services, can be used by companies for public relations activities during matches and also during the week. Built in the area that housed the Delle Alpi, where Juventus played from 1990 to 2006, the new stadium has a capacity of 41,000 seats and covers, with the external areas, an area about 360,000 m2, which also includes the impressive shopping mall “Area 12”, the Museum (which will open next spring), 30,000 square meters of green areas and about 4000 parking places. The investment, which amounts to about 122 million, endows the company with an important business asset. The stadium compares favourably with the best at a continental level and is, in fact, essential for increasing revenues. With the new stadium, the company aims to achieve a more balanced revenue stream enabling it to compete with leading European clubs.