ITALY – Fujifilm X Revolution Tour 2016: discover photography in the main Italian cities

ITALY – Fujifilm X Revolution Tour 2016: discover photography in the main Italian cities

From May to November, from Catania to Milan, the itinerant event, which will stop in selected hotels, aims at spreading the photographic culture among an audience of professionals and enthusiasts.

fujifilmFujifilm Italy is ready to restart its journey in our beautiful country to tell people everything about its philosophy and its X Series, thanks to the help of professional photographers, photo editors and, of course, its staff. Catania, Florence, Padua, Turin, Rome, Cagliari, Naples, Bari and Milan are the cities chosen for the photography lessons, seminars, workshops on set, portfolio reviews and technical meetings on the X Series

Bringing photography and the photographic culture around Italy is an ambitious project that Fujifilm Italy has pursued successfully in the past few years. The travelling event, which will start from Catania on 29th May and will end in Milan on 26-27th November, will be free, open to the public, dedicated to enthusiasts and professionals looking for insights and keen to exchange information, ideas and innovations.

All the different stops of the tour will offer a wide range of meetings that will alternate throughout the day, from 10 to 18, to meet the diverse curiosity of the participants and touch and delve into the different themes of photography.

On May 29th, on the occasion of the tour, it will also be determined the winner of the 2016 ‘Reading Portfolio Mediterraneum National Photographic Competition ‘, who will be chosen among those who will propose their works to a critical reading on May 22th in the city of Modica and those who will take their works to the tour stop in Catania.

During the tour days, people will also have the possibility to try the X Series compact cameras: the Fujifilm staff will be present and available to explain their peculiarities, answering all questions on the X system and giving advice on the best techniques to use it.