ITALY – Dreamlike scenography and guest stars for the party Swarovski by K-events

06700 guests, 500 of them journalists coming from all over the world, opinion leaders and celebrities, in order to celebrate the Swarovski’s brand. A great event, capable of conveying the power of a fashion brand. Palazzo Reale has been magically surrounded with a dreamlike atmosphere, made of beauty and romanticism, capable of communicating the uniqueness of Swaroski: its glamour, femininity and charming aspects and its personality.     
Scenographies, dresses, objects, everything has been created ad hoc for this special event. Palazzo Reale wore Swaroski’s style; four rooms and the entire courtyard have been personalized.

06A professional artistic cast was the protagonist, together with the extraordinary scenography, of the theatrical and spectacular performances. In the first room the dancer Francesca Porta performed thanks to harmonic and soft music of a pianoforte. Inside the room, the memories of the dancer, behind Swarovski’s exposition. In the second room , the dark side of collection,  the performance of the gymnast Giorgia Cafiero who played the role of a muse inside an aviary and the cloche de verre. In the third room an installation represented the symbol of Swarovski, the swan. The French acrobat Marie Molliens is the tightrope walker moving from one side to the other, hang in the balance between the two souls of Swarovski, the black and white swan. In the fourth room the iconic ring of Swarovski’s collection, Nirvana, has been represented thought a game of laser reflected in the mirrors.

06At 9.15 PM Palazzo Reale opened the Secret Garden, dedicated to the new Swarovski’s collection, especially to the top jewel “Skull Icon” and the men collection, and also to the performance of the acrobatic dancer Elena Annovi.

The beautiful top model Naomi Campbell appeared to greet the guests, to whom the guest star Mika dedicated an exclusive concert. At the end of the magic night, the Skin’s DJ set.
Among the guest stars of the party: Claudia Gerini and Federico Zampaglione, Federica Panicucci and Mario Fargetta, Malika Ayane, Martina Colombari and Billy Costacurta, Melissa Satta, Nina Senicar, Cristina Chiabotto, Martina Stella and Primo Reggiani, Caterina Balivo, Ambra Angiolini and Francesco Renga, Paola Barale and Raz Degan.

The creative direction is by Marco Balich, K-events President, in collaboration with Cristiana Picco. The set design is by Florian Boje and Niccolò Piccardi. The K-events team is composed by Maite Pipparelli Business Manager, Daniela Sette Project Manager and Ilaria Pistochini Assistant Project Manager.