ITALY – The celebrations for the 50th birthday of Nutella products by Filmmaster Events

ITALY – The celebrations for the 50th birthday of Nutella products by Filmmaster Events

ITALY – The celebrations for the 50th birthday of Nutella products by Filmmaster Events chalk up staggering numebrs: 40,000 people attended in Alba and 200,000 in Naples in Piazza del Plebiscito

The events to celebrate 50 years of Nutella were a huge success with the public. The most outstanding feature of the event was the enthusiasm of the consumers of one of the best-loved brands in the world which in Italy alone has over 5 million followers on Facebook. The weekend of birthday celebrations was organised precisely for all Nutella lovers.


Filmmaster Events began on 17 May with the production of the event in Alba, the birthplace of Nutella, attended by 40,000 people. Right from the morning, the streets of Alba were decked out for the party. No fewer than 800 bars, shops and restaurants joined the celebrations and dressed their windows with Nutella kits or offered special recipes made with the famous creamy hazelnut spread. It was an event involving the whole town. Street artists, entertainment and bread and Nutella for everyone, thanks to the support of the Alba Bakers’ Association. The celebrations ended with 25,000 people in the main square to watch the grand finale with a concert by the Italian Gospel Choir and the symbolic blowing out of candles.

On 18 May, 200,000 people took part in the big event in Naples. It was a day of family attractions and entertainment, starting in the morning in Piazza del Plebiscito and featuring numerous themed areas, games and a very high and long swing to look at the world from an unusual and exciting viewpoint, as well as bread and Nutella for everyone (more than 120,000 slices of bread and Nutella were distributed). On the stage until the early afternoon there was music, entertainment and lots of fun coordinated by the host Gigi Garretta and Matteo Zurasky with live transmission by RDS radio, media partner for the event. At 4:00 pm, the big concert to honour Nutella’s birthday began. The show kicked off with Almamegretta, followed by the splendid voice of Simona MolinariJames SeneseArisaGiuliano Palma and, at 9:30 pm, the eagerly awaited concert by Mika began and, together with the performance by Giuliano Palma, was transmitted live in streaming on the Nutella website and YouTube channel, visible on mobile phones too.

Besides receiving incredible coverage by the media, the event also created quite a stir on all the social networks. On 18 May alone, over 3.5 million users were reached and over 21 million impressions were generated on the special contents that were posted on the website and on social platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

For Nutella’s fiftieth birthday celebrations, Filmmaster Events coordinated a production staff of 650 people deployed in Alba and Naples. The figures for the event are given below.

Highlights in Alba – 17 May

– 10,000 balloons
– 460 kg of Nutella
– 280 kg of bread
– 17,000 slices of bread and Nutella
– 1,500 Nutella kits
– 100 performers

Highlights in Naples – 18 May

– 57 trucks
– 10 tons of construction material (metal)
– 3.5 Km of cables
– 80,000 gadgets
– 3 tons of Nutella
– 120,000 slices of bread and Nutella
– 87 musicians
– 6 singers
– 8 sets  of musical backline equipment

 = 1 birthday!

Filmmaster Events Credits

COO: Andrea Francisi
Creative Director: Andrea Baccuini
Business Manager: Francesca Morelli
Senior Project Manager: Matteo Ferioli
Project Manager: Claudia Spadoni
Project Manager Assistant: Alessia Guazzoni
Adm & Logistics: Elena Terrini
Assistant Project Manager: Vittoria Isolani
Logistics: Benedetta Pace
Production Manager: Tiziana Bertolai
Associate Creative Director: Andrea Celi
Copy Strategist: Federica Goffy
Creative assistant: Camilla Dusi
Author: Davide Tappero Merlo
Content Producer: Giangiacomo Ollari
Art Director: Giorgia Albani


Alba Project Manager: Nicoletta Corradin
Production Manager: Davide Pesce


Naples Show Production Manager: Jessica Guastella
Naples Production Manager Assistant: Alice Kuwahara

Show Coller: Gianlorenzo Mortgat
On-site Director: Alessandro Torraca