ITALY – Adecco discovers the wonders of Japan with Sinergie Live Communication

ITALY – Adecco discovers the wonders of Japan with Sinergie Live Communication

For its yearly trip to award its best sales managers from the Asian area, Adecco Asia chose the organization of Sinergie Live Communication to guide the Top management and the company’s Top Performers in Japan.

sinergie35 international guests enjoyed a long week end among the wonderful cities of Kyoto and Tokyo along with Adecco Asia CEO and the Marketing & Communication manager.

First stop: Kyoto. The city welcomed the group with its nature and traditions like the important tea ceremony at the Gesshin-in temple and the welcome dinner with the entertainment of a Geisha who played cards with the guests. Interesting, and much appreciated, the sushi making experience in one of the most renowned restaurants of the city.

After Kyoto, the journey continued in the futuristic capital Tokyo, which was reached in just three hours thanks to the “bullet train” Shinkansen. After an elegant lunch at the Armani restaurant, guests visited the city on board of the famous Japanese rickshaws and ended the day with the limousine transfer to the exclusive location where the gala dinner and the “Performers’ Club Awards” event took place. The dinner and the award ceremony for the best salespeople were held at the Andaz restaurant, more precisely at the 52° floor where an enchanting panoramic view on Tokyo framed the special evening and ended the trip.

Sinergie Live Communication managed the whole event, taking care of the organization of the trip and of the activities for the guests, in addition to dealing with three guests’ birthdays during the long week end.