GVST Event Management supports the “Best Green-Sustainable Event” at the Bea 2011

Elephant black and white.jpgThe category “Best Green/Sustainable Event” is totally new at the Best Event Awards: in fact, for the first time ever, together with the originality and creativity in planning an event, special attention has also focused on best practices to reduce events’ environmental impact. A special prize to value “green/sustainable” events and a recognition to an increasing need for low impact practices within the event industry.

“Giving our support to the “Best Green/Sustainable Event” award was a natural step for us” says Andrea Vernengo, GVST Event Management Managing Director and Senior Partner; “companies have recently focused their attention to the environment even when organizing events. This is why in 2009 we have created the Friendly Envent® brand that is the result of GVST specific expertise in organizing low impact events”.

gvst logo.jpgAs Friendly Envent® and according to client requirements and expectations, GVST operates a number of actions aimed to reduce CO2 emissions generated by the event operations. The major action areas are: the location, energy consumption and materials, transportation, food & beverage, communication, waste and post event operations. Eventually, reduced CO2 emissions are offset thanks to the creation and protection of new forests or carbon credits by joining the Zero Impact® project by LifeGatev

“We have chosen to support the “Best Green/Sustainable Event” award for both Italian BEA and European BEA – Vernengo adds – a decision reflecting our specific dual competences: a specialized knowledge of the Italian territory and an international network that allows us to operate worldwide as global referent supplying the same quality level at all destinations”.