GERMANY – Vok Dams wins Gold at Galaxy Awards

GERMANY – Vok Dams wins Gold at Galaxy Awards

At this year’s Galaxy Awards, Vok Dams’ creative projects left some profound

impressions on the judging panels and the final result shows it: one gold medal, two bronze medals and two honors.

The jury of the 23rd Galaxy Awards, one of the leading marketing prizes internationally, was particular impressed by the launch of the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Roadster in Miami.

This spectacular event with 400 international dealers as well as lifestyle and automobile

journalists presented the extreme performance and the elegant design of the new

Lamborghini Roadster in a unique and particularly creative way.

The Global Dynamic Launch of the Lamorghini Aventador LP700 – 4 Roadster was

awarded Gold in the category/classification Special Events: Automotive Related,

Bronze in the category/classification Publicity: The Americas and Bronze in the

category/classification Promotion: Brand Identity.