GERMANY – Vok Dams realizes ‘The ultimate Goodyear experience’

GERMANY – Vok Dams realizes ‘The ultimate Goodyear experience’

Following the claim ‘Driven by safety. The ultimate Goodyear experience‘, the event
experts of Vok Dams designed and implemented the international dealer event 2012
in Portugal. The focus of the event was placed on the topic ‘safety’ along with this
Goodyear´s SUV/4×4 product ranges.

Almost 1,000 international dealers and journalists experienced the motto ‘Driven by
safety’ first-hand at the three week long back-to-back event with 12 groups every two
days. The overall communicative aim was to substantiate the brand Goodyear’s position
as setting benchmarks in safety with presenting the complete SUV/4×4 product range:
Goodyear – THE specialist for all the ones we love. The motto ‘Driven by safety’ thus
contained the overall brand and product promise while also alluding to the driving force
of each and every employee at Goodyear: to develop and produce the best possible

The two-day staged and carefully planned program consisted of highlights that were
always spot-on, be it the different workshops, presentations or the unusual driving
experiences – always putting ‘safety’ into the focus.

Especially the intensive driving experience stood out: after a scenic route, the guests
were welcomed in four different workshops in different car types on the racetrack
Autodromo Internacional Algarve (AIA), the most modern in Europe.

At the ‘Braking Demo‘participants witnessed the braking ability of the Goodyear
EfficientGRip SUV tire.
At ‘On Road Handling‘ the handling characteristics could be both felt and experienced
when the participants were driving in a Porsche Cayenne with Eagle F1 Asymmetric
SUV-tires. They had the chance to test both the Eagle F1 Asymmetric as well as
a competitor’s tires when driving three rounds on the race track, after which the
experience continued off-road.

At the ‘Self Drive‘ dealers and journalists could try out the Wrangler AT/SA off road. Under the guidance of professional instructors, they explored the off-road area in a VW

The highlight of the driving experience followed suit: the ‘Taxi Drive‘ with the Wrangler
DuraTrac-tires showed how the tires functioned under extreme conditions, driving
both man and material to their limits. The specifically developed and constructed off-
road driving track offered breathtaking driving experiences. The driving track was so
demanding that professional drivers had to support the participants in conquering it.