GERMANY – Vok Dams No.1 in 2014 event-creativity ranking by BlachReport

GERMANY – Vok Dams No.1 in 2014 event-creativity ranking by BlachReport

Not least because of the several successful awards bestowed on the agency for events and live-marketing, Vok Dams was now ranked leading agency in the German ranking of event-creativity conducted by BlachReport.
The fact that excellence at Vok Dams always also comprises creative excellence is confirmed by the live-marketing experts generally ranking amongst the top agencies in the different national and international creative classifications.

With the German event-creativity ranking, BlachReport recognizes exceptional creative achievements in live-marketing and live-communication for the 10th time running. The ranking is based on an evaluation of event-specific categories of national and international competitions, such as the ADC, EVA, Golden Award of Montreux, EuBEA, EX-, Gala-, Galaxy Award and, of course, also the BEA BlachReport Event Award.

Though the year 2014 is still young, it kicked off rather promising for Vok Dams: after two Gala Awards the agency was also awarded the BEA, BlachReport Event Award in the category “Motivational event”.

BEA particularly takes into account the creative and results-oriented aspects of the event concept as an instrument for marketing and corporate communications. Objective of the BEA is to respectively foster and document the variety and quality in live-communication.