GERMANY – Vok Dams implements interactive Sales Forum for Volkswagen

4.000 participants, all of them part of sales teams of different sales regions, joined ‘Volkswagen myTIME‘. The motto was aptly chosen, as the complete event
focused on the involvement of the individual sales executives. As appreciation of one’s
achievements, everyone was invited to interactively contribute to and to co-create the
event throughout.

Already before the event, participants had the opportunity to decide about the content
of the forum
via an interactive guest management tool: “Which questions to Volkswagen
do you want to have addressed at ‘Volkswagen myTIME’
?“. But also culinary aspects
and entertainment were taken into account: “What is your favorite dish? What is your
favorite music?

The event consisted of a business meeting, team workshops and product workshops as
well as dynamic driving experiences. The concept of the event specialists Vok Dams
was further complemented and supported by a mobile application for iPad2, with
which sales executives could continuously participate in the forum, get access to
detailed information and applications and document their personal highlights. Their
direct feedback to the event was also gathered via the iPad application.