GERMANY – Vok Dams examines significance of rituals in live-marketing

GERMANY – Vok Dams examines significance of rituals in live-marketing

One of the most important aims in events and live-marketing is to increase customer
. So far, the focus here has been on individually addressing the different target
groups with new event formats and with innovative presentations.

The scientific analysis of rituals in live-marketing is still in its fledgling stages. An
important supplement of the individual target group address, rituals increase the brand
recognition value and the focus on brand and product.

Analyzing the reasonable combination of innovation and recognition, the current study
of the Vok Dams Institute for Live-Marketing is an important contribution to strategic

After a detailed definition, the study focuses on the implementation of rituals in live-
marketing, following a four-step-approach: Identify already existing rituals, Analyze target group and peer group rituals, Break with existing rituals, Create space for individual customer rituals.

The study is rounded off by an opinion poll of selected economists from different
companies. The result: although very few companies use rituals as a marketing tool in
a deliberate and targeted manner, the interest in the topic is extremely high
. Many of
those participating in the survey are convinced that this approach has great potential.

Concluding the analysis of rituals in live-marketing, it can be ascertained that rituals and
their professional application in marketing will become increasingly important
both in
marketing in general and in live-marketing in particular. This development is confirmed
by the current research results, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, by examples
of companies who already apply rituals to their advantage.

The study “Rituals in Live-Marketing” is available at .