GERMANY – Vok Dams designs Hall of Fame for European Patent Office

GERMANY – Vok Dams designs Hall of Fame for European Patent Office

To acquaint pupils and students as well as the general public with innovations and inventions, the European Patent Office initiated an exhibition entitled “Hall of Fame of the European Inventor Award”.

An assignment for which the patent office trusted the expertise of the
Munich-based team of the agency for events and live-marketing Vok Dams, who designed and implemented the exhibition in less than 4 weeks and also developed a first prototype.

In total, seven outstanding inventions, which had been awarded the European Inventor Award, are presented in 3D. Topics range from new inventions, to ferroconcrete and up to eye laser therapy.

The concept of the exhibition is based on the idea that inventions are
valuable and thus need to be protected. As the exhibition is to tour several different science and technology museums in Europe, containers
were chosen to literally function as protective covers and also as
display areas. The respective inventions are presented inside each
container and their relevance to society and to business is explained.

The result is quite impressive: already when the prototype was exhibited at the “Science Collaboration Week” of the European Parliament in Brussels at the beginning of March, it received most positive visitor feedback.

Complemented by another six exhibits, the “Hall of Fame” will be shown at the Deutsches Museum in Munich from October on, after which it will tour seven European cities for 3-6 months each.