GERMANY – Vok Dams.Consulting develops Event Guideline

GERMANY – Vok Dams.Consulting develops Event Guideline

vokdams.jpgTo ensure that local events follow a consistent dramaturgic and organizational
sequence within the framework of an overall brand campaign, the consulting agency of
Vok Dams developed a guideline for international usage. This guideline can be used
both when implementing an event autonomously or as a briefing for agencies. In doing
so, the communication specialists of Vok Dams.Consulting combined their proficiency
in integrated brand communication with the event expertise of Vok Dams.

This guidelines is to serve both as suggestion and as support, leaving ample scope for
own ideas or adaptation to country-specific requirements.

For the car launch of a major automotive manufacturer, for example, the guideline
contained the background for the local dealer event, all relevant information about the
new car and about the brand campaign as well as the concept of the new conference
approach. Emphasis was put on the detailed description of the dramaturgic flow of the
event, including timing, locations, interior design and suggestions for performers as well
as design specifications. Organizational tips and instructions completed the guideline.

By now, several successful events in different countries and markets have been
conducted on this basis. The positive feedback of the participants proved that the
concept was a complete success.