GERMANY – Ranking w&v / Horizont confirms: Vok Dams No.1 of event agencies

GERMANY – Ranking w&v / Horizont confirms: Vok Dams No.1 of event agencies

Yet again, the agency Vok Dams successfully asserted its leading position in the event

agencies’ revenue ranking of this year.

The ranking is compiled by German industry magazines w&v (33/18) and Horizont (33/

18) in conjunction with the Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation FAMAB (German

association for service providers in direct business communication) .

coljadams.jpgFor more than a decade Vok Dams, one of the leading agencies for events and livemarketing, has thus continually been listed No.1 of all German event agencies – for the 11th

year running, to be precise.

“The success factors can be summarized swiftly”, Colja M. Dams (image), CEO of the agency

group Vok Dams states. “We have a high quantity of highly-motivated and highlyqualified employees, who are supported by our own quality management system. We

are positioned locally at several sites, which enriches our creative drive and strengthens

the individual responsibility in our teams. Thus, we have a unique potential of know-how

at our disposal all over the world, and we can either join forces and work across regions

or we can focus on our customers individually for smaller projects on site. And – most

importantly – we have clients who appreciate this potential and keep on developing new

ideas with us again and again over the years, and who also have the courage to realize

and implement these ideas.