GERMANY – New Bizz Boom @ Hagen Invent

In a high-calibre, multi-level  pitch  put out by the country’s leading automobile manufacturer, Hagen Invent prevailed against six other top-notch agencies. The  Düsseldorf experts for live communication have been appointed to take charge of the overall concept and implementation of this year’s National Dealer Meeting  for over 2,000 guests, with the presentation of two new convertibles taking centre stage.
Besides, Hagen Invent is currently in the process of organising another “first-time”  event,  the  2011  Best  Dealer  Event  for  Škoda  Auto  A.S.  of  the  Czech Republic. By creating an impressive and emotionalising concept for a programme in South Africa – Škoda’s reward for the outstanding performances given by their top international  importers and dealers – the Düsseldorf agency came out on top over six well-known domestic and international agencies to win the multi-phased, pan-European pitch for this business.

Another recent pitch clinched by the experts for live communication was the Central Management Meeting for the real – retail group: this meeting for around 600 participants was the first event ever to be carried out by Hagen Invent for the METRO subsidiary. Their task includes both the organisation of the meeting itself as well as the creation and implementation of the evening programme to follow the meeting.

And last but not least, Hagen Invent has been appointed by the City of Düsseldorf to support the project group organising this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.  Hagen Invent will be mainly responsible for the planning and implementation of an official reception for 2,000 invited guests, including all delegates and artistes competing in the ESC, and domestic and international journalists. By organising the  “Lord  Mayor’s  Reception”, Hagen Invent will become part of the greatest global music event of the year, watched on TV by millions  of  people  all  over  the  world,  and  the  Düsseldorf  experts  for  live communication  hope  their  contribution  will  help  to  present  the  state  capital  of North Rhine-Westphalia from its very best angle.

According to Hagen Invent partner Adone  Kheirallah, these most recent successes are proof of the agency’s high standards: “Our ambition is to exceed our clients’ expectations with each and every project, with regard to both concept and implementation, which we strive to attain through our experience, creativity and sharp-edged brand knowledge. Our run of success over the past weeks is evidence of the confidence our clients from the most diverse fields of industry and commerce have in our work, whether for events or incentives, either local, domestic or international. And that gives us much reason to rejoice!”