GERMANY – Hagen Invent strikes a positive balance: motivation at its best

GERMANY – Hagen Invent strikes a positive balance: motivation at its best

The incentive experts at Hagen Invent packed their suitcases a total of 16
times in order to bring their renowned clients’ incentive contests to a close. From
the Scottish Highlands to the Namibian desert or in dream destinations such as
Madeira, Marrakech and Dubai – the Düsseldorf incentive experts, with their
keen instinct for the needs of their target groups, guaranteed a total of 2,000
an exciting and unforgettable experience with tailor-made programs,
wherever in the world they happened to take place. And in doing so made
dreams come true for the incentive contest winners, who for months had
struggled hard to reach their set targets and reach highest performance levels
within their respective companies.


For decades, many of Hagen Invent’s demanding clients have placed their
trust in the agency’s long years of experience and know-how in developing
incentive contests, with new customers arriving on a regular basis. For instance,
Ford of Germany has entrusted Hagen Invent with its incentive projects for
almost 30 years, the latest being the Ford Top100 Club incentive to Lake
Tegernsee in 2012. Besides the many tailor-made incentive programs Hagen Invent has carried out on behalf of numerous longstanding financial services
and insurance clients, the agency was able to mark up another ‘maiden project’
in June this year, when it organized its first incentive trip for HUK-Coburg to the
Principality of Monaco and the Côte d’Azur.

hagen.jpgAdone Kheirallah (image), managing partner at Hagen Invent, is well aware of the
power and benefits of incentive measures. “There’s no better marketing
instrument to motivate people and reward them for over-achieving sales targets,
provided that the contest is organized strategically and in its entirety. It makes us happy to know that we can always pleasantly surprise our clients with our strong
concepts and that they trust us to help them reach their sales targets”, said