GERMANY – Five months to go before the start of Best Of Events International 2013

The events industry marches uninterrupted into 2013 with the leading industry meeting for business
communication, live marketing, event services and trade shows in Dortmund. With five months to
go before the start of Best Of Events International, the registrations reflect an excellent
response from all segments of the industry. There has also been another notable jump in reservations
made from the events technology sector, something which underscores the central role and
attractiveness of Best Of Events International as a market platform for the events business.

For instance, the following key players have already reserved their seat at BOE 2013: Media
Resource Group GmbH & Co. KG, Losberger GmbH, Neumann & Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Party
Rent Group, von Hagen GmbH, AMBION GmbH, Event Rent GmbH, Broich Catering & Locations,
Production Resource Group AG, De Boer GmbH, L&S GmbH & Co. KG, hms easy stretch GmbH,
DCP GmbH & Co. KG, MM DESIGN GmbH, Gräflicher Park GmbH & Co KG, Klaus Lünnemann
GmbH, MEGAFORCE Bühnen- & Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH ,arcona HOTELS & RESORTS, Mise
en Place Germany GmbH and Ohratorium Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH. All exhibitors at BOE 2013
are listed in the exhibitor directory on the website.

Every year in January, exhibitors from all branches of the events industry utilise the BOE to present
their entire spectrum of products and services. Visitors also include industry professionals who
are decision makers or co-decision makers when it comes to purchasing and procurement in their
respective businesses. As a mirror of the marketplace, the BOE is operating within a very positive
environment. This is also confirmed by the 2012 Events Climate Study (an expert survey conducted
by the Forum for Events Marketing Agents – FAMAB e.V.) regarding development and trends in live
communication. The FAMAB study also demonstrates that events expenditures in 2012 have for the
first time exceeded 2.5 bn Euros and that 50% of top spenders and 30% of mid-sized companies
employ marketing events as the focal points of communications campaigns.

Best Of Events International takes place from 16 to 17 January in Halls 4, 6, and 7 of the
Westfalenhallen Congress Centre Dortmund. BOE Night 2013 will be held in the Gold and Silver
Halls of the Westfallenhallen Congress Centre Dortmund. All tickets for BOE 2013 may be purchased
quickly and easily via credit card in the BOE Online Ticket Shop. The BOE Online Ticket Shop will be
online starting 1 December 2012.

All information about Best Of Events International can be found at: .