GERMANY – EuBEA 2012: Vok Dams voted Best Event Agency

GERMANY – EuBEA 2012: Vok Dams voted Best Event Agency

At this year’s award ceremony for the prestigious European Best Event Awards
(EuBEA) in Milan, Vok Dams was singled out as Best Event Agency.


Vok Dams, one of the leading agencies for events and live-marketing worldwide, is
delighted and honored by this distinction, as it confirms the high quality and creativity
standards adhered to when designing, planning and implementing their projects.

Several EuBEA Awards granted to different Vok Dams projects in different categories
– from Best Trade Show to Best Web Event – accounted for the judges’ decision.

The awards were bestowed for projects such as Volkswagen’s trade show appearance
at the IAA, the Porsche Boxster Dealer Launch Event “Breaking Free” at Gran Canaria,
the Porsche 911 Carrera Dealer Launch “Porsche Identity” in Cape Town as well as the
hybrid event Consumer Promotion 2.0 – “Dosionair” for the beverage can manufacturer
Ball Packaging Europe.

EuBEA is the only European-wide prize that is awarded for the best events of the year.
With this award, events are distinguished that demonstrate an innovative format in the
advertising-mix and are a core element of the marketing communication of a company.