GERMANY – Best Of Events International 2013: an opportunity to discuss skills in the event industry

GERMANY – Best Of Events International 2013: an opportunity to discuss skills in the event industry

Best Of Events International, an annual industry meeting for business communication, live marketing, event services & conferences, provides a range of top-class forums and offers in 2013, which are held in addition to the event industry trade fair at the Westfalenhallen Dortmund Trade Fair grounds. In a large selection of expert forums, running from 16th to 17th January 2013, Best Of Events International investigates both current and future-oriented topics relevant to the event industry. In this way, BOE 2013 provides its visitors with extremely up-to-date information and an excellent platform for dialogue, which runs parallel to the trade fair.

The BOE programme for 2013 has three main forums to offer: this includes the BOExperience Forum, the BOE Forum and the BOE Live Forum. Entry to the forums is free for visitors, apart from the BOExperience Forum, which is organised mainly by the event and communications agency BEEFTEA group, and that will last two days. The first day of the conference will be held under the motto ‘Purchasing marketing services: customers and agencies in dialogue‘. Event coordinators from companies and agency directors are addressed by means of this topic. Key content: essentials and perspectives of live communication. The second day of the conference will be held under the motto ‘Careers in the live marketing sector‘ and it will be geared towards young professionals, management trainees and middle MICE management.

At the BOE Forum – held at the heart of the trade fair events in Hall 4 – exhibitors and BOE partners will present practical knowledge and successful case studies, as well as provide inspiration for day-to-day life in the event industry, which is clearly organised according to the main topic areas. On the first day of the trade fair Vok Dams’ CEO will speak on the ‘Law of success for events and live marketing‘. Other top-class insights will be brought by Christian Decker from Entdecker GmbH for example, with the study on advertising effectiveness ‘We wanted more precise information!‘, the ‘Front of the Store Display‘ study or ‘3D video mapping‘ by Christian Sommer and Markus Kalwinsky from Ambion GmbH.

In 2013, exhibitors from the Performances & Entertainment sector will present themselves for the first time in a stand-alone exhibition area in Hall 6. In addition, a wide range of interesting Live Acts by the exhibitors in the Performances & Entertainment Hall are listed on the programme. Trending topics in the BOE Live Forum speaker programme will be addressed by Joachim König, President of the registered association the EVVC, Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e.V. [The European Association of Event Centres], with his presentation on ‘GEMA Tariff Reform‘ and by Claus Dahle from Studio D Entertainment on ‘The artist agency – a blessing or a curse‘.

The BOE-Night – which traditionally takes place on the first day of the trade fair – will be held, together with the BEA/INA Awards, in the Gold and Silver room in the conference centre at Westfalenhallen Dortmund.

All tickets for BOE 2013 can be purchased quickly and easily in the BOE online ticket shop. The BOE ticket shop will be online as of 1st December 2012.
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