GERMANY – Audi Twin Cup 2012: Hagen Invent wins the race

GERMANY – Audi Twin Cup 2012: Hagen Invent wins the race

In an event marketing pitch for Audi AG, Hagen Invent’s experts for live

communication once






competitiveness and will to succeed. And in doing so, secured the contract for the

International Audi Twin Cup World Championship finals in July 2012, when Audi

service staff and technical crews from all over the world will converge in a major

Western European city.

hagen.jpgThe International Audi Twin Cup practice-related finals are the climax of a year-

round contest involving several thousand people who work for Audi partners. In

the course of fiercely-contested nationwide competitions, participants from 41

different countries qualify for the three-day Audi Twin Cup Finals. Aside from the

highly emotional and exciting struggle for the titles of Service World Champion,

Technical World Champion and ‘Twin’ World Champion, the participants will also

enjoy a varied and incentivizing social program as well as a formal gala event

with an award ceremony for the winners.

In appointing Hagen Invent to carry out this event, Audi AG is placing its

trust in a well-proven team player. The experts for live communication were also

in charge of implementing the multiple award-winning Audi International Dealer

Meetings in 2010 and 2011 in Barcelona und Monaco, and will again take the

wheel for the 2012 International Dealer Meeting and several other national staff

events for AUDI AG.

“We’re delighted that Audi AG has again entrusted us with

– amongst others – two of its principal international events”, said Adone

Kheirallah (image), Managing Partner and creative head at Hagen Invent. “As always,

our dynamic passion and concentrated expertise will score us more high points in

2012 – the year of sporting mega-events – and guarantee yet another top

performance for our client.”