GERMANY – Audi e-tron fleet test project with Hagen Invent

GERMANY – Audi e-tron fleet test project with Hagen Invent

As part of the German government’s Showcasing Electromobility project, car manufacturer Audi started in April to have its electric cars tested by a panel of test drivers for suitability for daily use. Hagen Invent orchestrated the first phase of the Audi e-tron fleet test, which involved handover and training events in six German cities.


With its twelve-month Audi e-tron fleet test project, car manfacturer Audi is assessing the potential of its new drive concept across three German states. Since May 2013, 80 Audi A1 e-tron vehicles have been handed over in one-day events at local dealerships in Stuttgart, Ingolstadt, Munich, Berlin, Nuremberg and Garmisch-Partenkirchen to a representative group of drivers who will test and evaluate the vehicles in everyday use over a period of several months. Until the electric vehicles are returned in 2014, the participants in the six individual projects will have driven a distance of around one million kilometres.


The Düsseldorf-based event marketing agency was entrusted with the overall responsibility for planning, organising and coordinating the six handover and training events. Senior Project Manager Marion Knappertsbusch’s team impressed Audi with its event marketing experience when promoting alternative drive technologies as well as its logistical expertise, which Hagen Invent has proven to Audi time and again since 2010 with regular international dealership and service team events.

‘With the Audi e-tron project, Hagen Invent and Audi have organised a roadshow to showcase e-mobility to countless people across Germany and to make it something they can experience for themselves. This has allowed us to inject life into something that was previously just marketing jargon,’ said Marion Knappertsbusch of the successful launch of the fleet test.