GERMANY – At home throughout the world: 3,000 enthusiastic incentive guests

Düsseldorf,  August  2011. The incentive team at Hagen Invent can look back on a successful six-month period with an extremely good interim result attained by unforgettable incentives for over 3,000 participants throughout Europe, southern Africa and North America. To name just a few of the many clients who placed their trust in the Düsseldorf incentive specialists, Citroen for example appointed Hagen Invent to carry out a dealer incentive to the WRC Rally in Sweden, Wurttembergische Insurance for their trip to Finnish Lappland for insurance brokers, and Barmenia Insurance who took their best sales people to Iceland.

Hagen Invent_2.jpgWhether it be a fascinating cultural program in Marrakesh/Morocco for Securvita Insurance or a trip to Vienna for Ford’s Top100 Club – a growing number of discerning clients regularly place their trust in Hagen Invent’s experienced incentive professionals, some of whom have done so for decades, and others just recently acquired. Among the new arrivals is Skoda Prague, who appointed Hagen Invent for the first time to carry out their “Best Dealer Event 2011” in South Africa, during which 230 dealers and importers from 34 different countries took part in an exceptional four-day program in Sun City and Cape Town.

Incentives – an essential tool in communication strategy.
Adone Kheirallah.jpg“We bank on experience, passion and creativity when designing all-round, custom-made concepts for unforgettable incentives”, was how Adone Kheirallah, managing partner at Hagen Invent, explained the agency’s success. “We’re aware of how important incentives are as a reward for excellent performance, but either should their significance be forgotten as an instrument to communicate central corporate and brand values. And we’re proud that our incentive unit constantly succeeds in surprising our clients in the most positive way.”