GERMANY – 3,000 high-flyers take to the air with Hagen Invent

The year 2011 began with a sense of elation at HMI, one of ERGO Insurance Group’s most powerful marketing organisations. And consistent with this optimistic mood, “Ready for take-off” was chosen as the motto for the annual kick-off meeting at the Frankfurt Festival Hall and adjoining Congress & Exhibition Center in January, in which 3,000 of HMI’s most successful partners were invited to participate. In keeping with the event motto and HMI’s basic marketing guidelines for the year 2011, HAGEN INVENT planned the kick-off meeting around the concept of an aircraft carrier, symbolizing the parent company ERGO and spectacularly presented as the base of HMI’s top-notch “aviators”.


The detailed concept of the event, matching the theme to perfection, and the stage setting with a 68-metre screen for film presentations converted the festival hall into an aircraft carrier deck. Here the HMI “pilots” were given the opportunity to “nosedive” into a perfectly orchestrated medial production with breathtaking aerial maneuvers, allowing the deliberately over-enthusiastic mission statement to come alive. The programme, with motivational speeches, presentation of awards to HMI’s top sales people, various theme-oriented show acts and accompanied by standing ovations, maintained a successful balance between information and emotion.


The presence of 15 ERGO board members, who at times were actively involved in the event programme, left no doubt that the HMI marketing organisation is and will remain a heavyweight within the new ERGO group. Accordingly, during his speech ERGO CEO Dr. Torsten Oletzky first of all reviewed last year’s brand launch, then praised the top performance of HMI within the ERGO group –  giving credit to those HMI partners present and motivating them at the same time.

The outcome of an emotionally charged, motivational and identity-establishing kick-off meeting: total enthusiasm on the part of the HMI marketing organisation, whose members now feel well prepared to reach for even higher aims, true to the motto “Ready for take-off”.


A resounding success for the experts for live communication at HAGEN INVENT, who were not only responsible for the creative idea and its implementation, but also for all logistical aspects. As Adone Kheirallah, managing partner at HAGEN INVENT, summed up: “Our concept, built around the powerful analogy of an aircraft carrier, really touched the nerve of the target group. And our event production, corresponding precisely with HMI’s central values – performance, respect, responsibility and fun – successfully boosted team spirit and the ambition to stay at the top of the ERGO group”.