GERMANY – 20th Anniversary of Skoda and Volkswagen Celebrated with Vok Dams

Together with its partners jangled nerves from Stuttgart and KMS Team and comsense from Munich, Vok Dams supported the high-calibre ceremony especially regarding the smooth running of all aspects of the presentation. The Czech car manufacturer Skoda celebrated the 20th anniversary of its partnership with Volkswagen. Among the high-calibre attendees were international representatives and personalities from politics and business as well as from Volkswagen. Thus, Czech President Vaclav Klaus and President of the Senate of the Czech Parliament Milan Stech, among others, attended the ceremony at Skoda’s main plant in Mlada Boleslav. Among the hosts were, among others, Chairman of Skoda’s Supervisory Board and President of Volkswagen AG Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Skoda’s  CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland, and the President of the Union Oskovo and Chairman of Skoda’s Worker’s Council Jaroslav Povsik.

A 270° media presentation showed a mix of recent and historic pictures, innovations and an outlook for the future. All speakers drove on stage by car.