FRANCE – Magic Garden “captured the night” with Renault

FRANCE – Magic Garden “captured the night” with Renault

Renault has entrusted Magic Garden for the design and implementation of the event around the concept “Captur The Night”.

renaultIn the commercial unveiled last October 22th and designed by Marcel, 13 people were captured and taken around Paris in a Renault Captur for a journey until dawn full of surprises, that included a private concert by Selah Sue on the roofs of the French capital, a dinner in the kitchen of chef Stéphanie Le Quellec and a karting race in a supermarket along with comedian and former racing driver Stéphane De Groodt.

250 lucky customers were able to turn this experience into reality thanks to the concept designed by Magic Garden for the event “Captur The Night”. It took place in three major cities in France: in Lille on October 30th, in Lyon on November 6th and in Toulouse on November 13th.

The general public could try to win an invitation on the website especially created for the event by registering or posting a photo of a Renault Captur.

The nights of “unusual adventures” lasted from 19:30pm until dawn and included performances by The Aaron Group, the DJ and producer of electro trip hop music Etienne de Crécy, pop rock band Cats On Trees and the chefs Florent Ladeyn (revelation of Top Chef 2013), Christian Têtedoie and Yannick Delpech, youngest star chef in France.