FRANCE – ECA2 has created the world’s largest aquatic stage.

06It was a new artistic and technological challenge for the ECA2 team to bring about a representation of the forces of nature, staging the four elements merged with the magic of captivating images:

WATER: two water screens with a 50-metre base, hundreds of water jets, and specially designed moving jets
AIR: 5 geysers, compressed air to put sensitive equipment under positive pressure
FIRE: 14 large flames
LIGHT: 600 underwater projectors, 60 automatic projectors
IMAGES: 7 videos projectors, 5 laser projectors

06The show control system synchronises hundreds of special effects, interacting with more than 50 actors, acrobats and dancers, surrounded by its mysterious and enchanting creatures to perform a touching interpretation of life in the mangrove.
06For over 20 years, ECA2 has been creating and producing major events and shows around the world. Renowned for its outstanding creativity, innovative designs and technical expertise, ECA2 delivers unique special events, ceremonies, World Expos, Olympic Games, and permanent shows for theme parks.

“Mangrove Groove” OCTBAY:
Permanent show running since Summer 2011.
Creation (overall) – Engineering – Production (Turnkey)
Direction, Production: J-C Canizares
Chief of Operations & Technical Director: Guillaume Duflot
Screenplay, Artistic Coordination & Show Direction: Sophie Poirier
Multimedia Production & Show direction: Thierry Nutchey