First Economy and Open Society International Forum: Best Cultural Event of the Year

The award, promoted by ADC – Agenzia della Comunicazione-Communications Agency in collaboration with the monthly publication e20, is in its fourth edition and aims to valorise the event as an innovative means of communication, fully inserted within the media mix and in the widest company communication strategies.

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With the Forum, Bocconi and Corriere della Sera, historical Milanese institutions, they intended to restore Milan with a strategic role in the elaboration of the processes of Italian and European socioeconomic innovation, and to start up an international debate open to all ideas and to the civil society in order to stimulate decisional powers to “open the society” towards an inclusive liberalism capable of conjoining economic well-being with social cohesion and respect for civil rights.

The Forum was articulated over 4 days and 33 debates that put economics in relation with politics, with society, with citizens, and with the world in 19 places that were emblematic for the themes discussed, and open not only to professionals of the sector, but also to the audiences of schools and hospitals, employment centres and welcoming centres, in order to turn solo voices into a chorus that is able to be heard. The event’s beating heart was the technological tensile structure in Piazza Duomo, the place for real-time participation in the debates through multimedia equipment, for daily cultural meetings with citizens, for the presence and reporting of the 5 institutions and the 5 sponsor companies. Events at a high scientific and cultural level alternated with moments for discussion regarding daily life, allowing everyone to participate in the Forum, leaving their own mark.

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In 4 days, 180 lecturers from 16 Nations and 6 Ministers present, 6,000 direct participants and 50,000 via web, 110,000 website accesses, 540,000 contacts through the website, 5,000 visits to the ES Point tent, 400 accredited journalists, 20 of which from foreign journals, an exceptional press echo, a strong signal launched to the Nation in a moment of difficult transition.

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The Bocconi University and Corriere della Sera RCS Media Group will receive the coveted prize on Friday, November 23rd, during the awards ceremony of the European Best Event Awards, that will be held at the end of the First European Festival of Events, one of the two days entirely dedicated to the world of events at the European level. Training and information are the main objectives of the kermesse