Bea World Festival
Different Christmas Dinner – Closer to the stars

Different Christmas Dinner – Closer to the stars

Client company:
Raimonds Rozenbergs
Organising company:
Skudras metropole

The Event

A private event with an emphasis on an unusual, unprecedented space dinner for friends and business partners, with contemporary technology, applications and sophisticated technical solutions.

The space dinner took place in several rooms. Special installations were created: a well of light years, planets working on motion sensors, an intergalactic cloud room with special space table discs held by the participants themselves. A newly created round table, which during the event turns into a Saturn in front of all guests. The culmination of lasers, mirrors, cosmic projections. The event used lasers, 3D animation, applications and online video chats. Direct connections were made with “stars” to popular personalities in Latvia, as well as a direct call to an astrologer, a star interpreter, who told about the future of each constellation.For dinner, nine dishes were served, each served in specially created cosmic containers: liquid gingerbread tubes, spray coffee, crater luminescent debris, soup ball bowls, galaxy plates of colors, gleaming edible star carts. The ice cream was enjoyed with musical headphones, licking it in different rhythms of music, which caused a lot of laughter