EuBEA: The secret of EuBEA’s success? It’s all about the European Events Annual

EuBEA: The secret of EuBEA’s success? It’s all about the European Events Annual

Up to now event agencies and companies coming from 14 countries already entered for the EuBEA – European Best Event Awards. Many others from different European countries are now in the process of applying for the European Best Event Awards.
The success of this year edition is due to the fact that EuBEA is now more than just the Awards. All the entrants projects, in fact, will be published in the European Events Annual, which is the collection of the best events carried out in the season 2011/2012. This book is considered as a great opportunity to be recognized by the event industry among the main players in the market, and that’s why the initiative of EuBEA is increasing its success.

EuBEA has reached its 7th edition. Since 2006, it has been awarding the creativity and the excellences in the world of events at European level.
The high expertise of the jury panel, which is composed by professionals of events coming from the main companies and events agencies, grants an International recognition of quality to the winning events.

Agencies that already registered for EuBEA 2012 are from 14 different European Countries: Czech Republic (Event Arena), Denmark (Welcome Event Marketing), France(/Auditoire, Creative Spirt, Le Public Systeme), Germany (BBDOLive. circ gmbh & co., Face to Face Communication, Hagen Invent, Jung von Matt, Phocus Brand Contact GmbH & Co., Roth & Lorenz, Serviceplan Event GmbH & Co., Stagg & Friends, VOK DAMS), Hungary (Roxer Event & More), Ireland (Verve), Luxembourg (Mediation SA), Netherlands (Eventina, Kubik bv, Dechesne, Xsaga), Portugal (TMN, Up Partner), Russia (Eventum Premo), Spain (Dicom, Innevento, Karpa Marketing Group, La 5a excellencia, SCP-AV, Staff Eventos) , Sweden (PS Experiential Communication), Switzerland and United Kingdom (C Squared, Jack Morton Worldwide, WRG Creative).

All agencies registered received from the organizer a complete list of tips, that are useful to present at best their projects, and a list of FAQs is available on the website:

Organizations that are about to enter the European Best Event Awards, have time until 31st July, but the organizers advise not to wait the very last minute to present their projects in order to have more time to receive assistance for the application.

eubea.jpgThe recipe of EuBEA’s success is:

• Being the only European Best Event Awards

• Having a high qualified international jury panel

• Having 20 international partners among specialized media, event trade exhibitions and event agencies association

• And now the big plus represented by the European Events Annual

Agencies who want to submit their events can:

• Visit the EuBEA presentation page
• Read the Announcement
• Go to the Entrants page and click on ‘Subscribe’

EuBEA is an initiative by ADC Group

For information: