EuBea Festival – International events: simple rules and sharing are needed

EuBea Festival – International events: simple rules and sharing are needed

It’s not always easy to organize events that involve different European countries, due to different regulations and much more. Here’s what the professionals in the field of events think of this.

Milo Vergucht, Ceo 27Name, Barbara Jamison, Head of Business Development Europe London & Partners, Stefan Kozak, Vice-President BTL Communications, and Maarteen Schram, Managing Director IDEA (Independent Dutch Event Association) were all invited to EuBea Festival to take part in a debate dealing with cross-cultural and cross-country events.

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On one hand, thanks to technological innovation, today it’s easier to manage events that involve many European countries. However, on the other hand, there are still some difficulties, mainly due to different regulations. Kozak said: “Clients want to manage European projects through a single structure, but they don’t realize how complex it is. First of all we need clear rules, that at the moment don’t exist”.

Schram agreed: “It’s true. In every European country rules are different and it’s really hard to adapt to ever-changing regulations”.

In addition to this, cooperation is not always easy. “Agencies, clients and technological partners should work together in a view of sharing and co-creation, overcoming differences.”, continued Schram, “For example, I think it’s essential to share research and data that may be useful”.  

Nowadays people who work in the world of events need to think globally. “You have to try to continue to be relevant in the local market without neglecting the international,” said Vergucht. Of course, even when it comes to government, there are obstacles, because, as Jamison said, “They don’t give to the events industry enough importance, like they do, for example, to the advertising industry”.

“Events are a business generator – continued Jamison – They create jobs and are relevant to the economy. Everyone should realize the fact that our business is not only to book hotels, but it’s much more: thanks to the events that we organize, people come together, exchange ideas and expertise, and enrich them on a personal and / or professional level”.

The main goal, for local or global events, as emphasized by all speakers, is to bring value to the customer. How can this be done? Focusing not only on the creative idea, but, in fact, on what the audience is really interested in.